Sitges Events


Three Kings Parade

DATE: Jan 5th
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Big celebration the arrival of the Three Kings.

The tradition is that the kings arrived the night before Christmas and that’s why the parade is celebrated on the 5th of January.

The Three Kings Parade departs from Plaza Fragata, front of the town’s church.  Lots of fun!



Sitges Carnival

Date: Feb 18-26, 2020
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Throughout Psg de la Ribera, C, Bonaire, C.Parellades and Cap De la Vila.

Sitges has been celebrating “Carnival” for over 100 years (Approximately 50 floats)

The Sitges Carnival has several big events such as:  “NOCHE DE LAS TURISTAS”  “NOCHE DE LAS VIUDAS”  “NOCHE DE LAS MANTILLAS”
WEB: Sitges Carnival Pictures


Vintage Car Rally

DATE: Mar 16-18th, 2019
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Sitges Vintage Car Rally usually starts from Barcelona to Sitges.  Every March, since 1959, Sitges has enjoyed of a wonderful Vintage Car Rally.

*Vintage Beautiful Cars

*80 to 100 vintage cars participate in this amazing event

*Drivers dress up in period costume


International Patchwork Festival

DATE: Mar 21-24th, 2019
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The Spanish Patchwork Association (AEP) has been organising the International Patchwork Festival in Sitges for more than 14 years.

Located at Paseo de la Ribera, in Sitges.
* A variety of international exhibitions
* Patchwork courses
* Children’s Workshops
* Large Patchwork Fair with around 110 booths
* Showcase of art & Textile Art
* Colorful
* Creative
* Get Ready to be Surprised in a Good Way

Web:  Pictures of Patchwork Festival


Easter Vacation

DATE: Apr 11th – 22nd, 2019
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Many celebrations throughout the whole town. Bars such as Bukkake, Parrots Pub, Bears Bar are open every night during easter. 

Bear Meeting

DATE: Apr 30th – May 3rd, 2020
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This is not as crowded as the Bear Week, but it is so much fun. This meeting is every year for bears and bear lovers.  Bears at bars and beaches.


Eurovision (May 18th)
Pride (Jun 1st – Jun 10th)
Corpus Flower Carpets (Jun 23rd)
Summer Fun (July & August)
Circuit Festival (Aug 8th – Aug 18th)

Circuit Waterpark Day (Aug 13th)
Fiesta Mayor Fireworks (August 23rd)
Bears Week (Sep 1st – Sep 11th)
Santa Tecla Fireworks (Sep 22nd)
Film Festival & Zombie Walk (Oct)



Accommodation in Sitges…BIG SAVINGS!




The Gay French Riviera!


Voted the most gay-friendly in the World!

Sitges economy is based on tourism and culture events.
The percentage of the Gay Transient Population is 35%.

Sitges Proximity to Barcelona:

Sitges is a province of Barcelona and it is located only 35 km SW of Barcelona

Average Weather in Sitges:

17°C, Wind S at 0 m/s, 59% Humidity

Origin of Residents:

35% are from the Netherlands, the UK, France and Scandinavia

Language Spoken:

Catalan, Spanish, English

Sitges Hotels/Accommodations:

Approximately 4,510 gay friendly accommodations and the majority are 4 stars

Sitges Food/Eateries/Restaurants:

Over 20 restaurants that are gay or gay-friendly

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