Three Kings Parade

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  • JANUARY 5th
  • The town of Sitges celebrates big the arrival of the Three Kings.
  • The tradition is that the kings arrived the night before the birth of Jesus and that is why the parade is celebrated on the 5th of every January.
  • The Three Kings Parade departs from Plaza Fragata, front of the downtown church.Lots of fun for the whole family!

Gay Pride Sitges

gay pride sitges
  • JUNE 4-8
  • Gay Sitges Pride is a HUGE FREE Event. Over 46,000 people gather for this great and fun event. More than 24+ floats will make their way along the seafront and finishing at the Gay Village with amazing concerts and performances.
  • The Sitges Gay Pride Village is a custom built mini village complete with food stands, huge stage, bars and it is the epicenter of Sitges Gay Pride.
  • Five days of fun music concerts, food, fashion show, T-Dances and much more. The Gay Village opens at 5pm every day during the gay pride event.


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  • FEBRUARY 18-26
  • Throughout Passage de la Ribera, Calle Bonaire, Calle Parellades and Cap De la Villa.
  • Sitges has been celebrating Carnival for over 100 years (approximately 50 floats).
  • The Sitges Carnival has several big events such as: Night of the Tourists, Night of the Widows and Night of the Mantillas.

More Events

more events sitges
  • Eurovision (May 18th)
  • Corpus Cristi (Jun 23rd)
  • Cicuit Festival (Aug 8-18)
  • Bears Week (Sep 1-11)
  • Film Festival (Oct 7-17)
  • Easter (Apr 1-5)

Vintage Car Rally

car rally sitges
  • MARCH 16-18th
  • Sitges Vintage Car Rally usually starts from Barcelona to Sitges.
  • Every March, since 1959, Sitges has enjoyed of a wonderful Vintage Car Rally.
  • The average of 80 to 100 vintage cars participate in this amazing event. Drivers dress up in period costume making this a must see event!
  • WEB:

Bear Week

bear week sitges
  • SEPTEMBER 3-11
  • This event is one of the most popular events in Europe. People all over the world come to Sitges to see all the fun events and of course meet a bear or bears.
  • Some of the fun events: Mr. Bear Sitges Contest & Party. Foam Parties, Excursions, Beach Picnic, Official Dinner and much more
  • The Bear Village gets packed with hot bears and bear lovers. The location is on the seafront of Sitges, on Psg Ribera.